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  • Marker Rounds
  • Protective Gear
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Targetry

Marker Rounds

Force on Force™ marker rounds boast superior performance, signature marking and reliable ballistics. Unlike other products on the market, Force on Force Marker rounds are lead-free and thus safer for indoor use, environmentally friendly and prevent lead contamination. The marking agent has an extended shelf-life and leaves a distinctive mark on target. Force on Force 9mm training ammunition also requires no special packaging to preserve the product. Marking agent on clothes never dries out, making quick wipe downs a breeze and machine washes even easier.

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Protective Gear

Force on Force™ is proud to offer a full line of protective gear. Train safely, comfortably and restriction free with this ensemble of unique clothing that gives the user protection from head to ankle. All gear is machine-washable, and comes in two color styles: black on black and black on gray for team based simulations. Marking agent is quickly and easily washed off completely.

  • Force One System
    This set-up features the Force One Helmet, Neck Armor and a Padded Hood for total protection. With this three-piece system, you'll be able to focus all of your concentration on the scenario and not worry about uncomfortable, ineffective equipment.
    *Note: Force One helmet must be worn with padded hood.
  • Force Two System
    With just two pieces, the Force Two Helmet and Neck Armor, this system gives users complete protection to the head and face plus has adequate cheek weld. A kevlar helmet can be worn with Force Two Helmet. This system allows users to train without bulky gear—giving them excellent maneuverability for training in a variety of scenarios.
  • Padded Gloves
    Feature adjustable strap and allow solid gripping.
  • Shirt
    The Force on Force top provides users with multiple padded areas, including the torso, back and forearms. These protective regions prevent direct body hits when training with marker rounds.

  • Pants
    Train quietly and move freely in the Force on Force pants. Multiple padded regions offer users lower-body protection. These pants also come with a padded knee area for added durability.

Shooting Ranges

Finding a place to affordably, practically and safely train your team just got a whole lot easier. With three range options from Force on Force™, you'll find exactly what you need. All ranges set up quickly and offer total containment. Heavy duty mesh covers the top and windows of ranges to help keep marker rounds inside the range. This allows safe and comprehensive assessment from the outside or above. Limited entry points help give Safety Officers total control of personnel and weapons that enter or exit these facilities.

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Drop Target System

Inanimate target system provides different options for situational training. Faces are interchangeable, and hands can contain items that include firearms, knives, flashlights and cell phones. Targets drop only when hit in locations causing neurological damage or significant blood loss (head and torso). All other hits cause target to simply spin around.

Please call1-800-775-5996 for ordering details.

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