Asp Identifier Chain Ultra Cuffs

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Identifier Ultra Cuffs®, What the Best Dressed Criminals are Wearing Identifier Ultra Cuffs® The patented design of ASP Chain and Hinge Handcuffs provides the safest restraint in the industry. The flat contact surface and smooth action prevents injury during application. All edges of the frame, cheek plate and bow are rounded to minimize the potential for nerve damage. The conical geometry of the cuff securely holds both small and large wrists. Forged Frame Technology reduces injury potential from excessive lateral stress due to improper handcuff application. The double lock indicator of ASP cuffs is highly visible. It is easily checked to assure activation. Cuffs that test too tight may be loosened and double locked without removing the key from the cuff. The interchangeable Lock Set may be selectably upgraded to a two or three pawl insert. The two-sided lock release is recessed and easily accessed without trauma to the subject. Both the single and double lock are released by turning the key in one direction. Blue Gray Pink Yellow Identifier handcuffs add permanent color options to this world class design. Identifier colors will not crack, chip or fade. They are a permanent, structural component of the handcuff frame and will last the life of the cuff.