HALO Tourniquet Holster

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HALO®️ Tourniquet Holster

  • Tourniquet & Trauma Shear Pouch with MOLLE and belt loop straps.
  • This pouch will fit both Standard and Trainer style tourniquets.
  • Elastic sides provide a sleek, low profile fit.
  • A slot compartment in the back is designed for a Trauma Shear with hook and loop securement straps.
  • A fastener flap, with highly visible "TQ" embroidered in RED on top of the flap.
  • The Flap accepts all hook and loop compatible patches.
  • The Flap also has a highly visible RED pull tab for opening the flap.
  • This brightly colored tab is designed for ease of identifying the quickest access to the .
  • The pouch features multiple MOLLE straps (both vertical and horizontal) on the back to mount onto MOLLE compatible gear.
  • The pouch can be also mounted onto your duty belts in the horizontal position.
  • It can be used as a magazine, tactical flashlight, multi-tool, or a general purpose pouch.
  • Dimensions: 7"H X 2"W X 1.75"D, flap is 5.5" long.