CRKT Parascale - Folding Knife

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Designed by T.J. Schwarz in Boise, Idaho
Built for bushcraft.

Deadbolt® is an industry shifting innovation on so many levels. TJ Schwarz just uncovered one more and put it into the Parascale™ outdoor folding knife. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen a paracord-wrapped folder before, it’s because you probably haven’t—unlike a frame lock or liner lock, Deadbolt® only impacts the pivot, making the Parascale™ a highly useful outdoor folding companion.

Innovative Deadbolt® Locking Mechanism is Simple to Use and Provides Incredible Strength
D2 Blade Steel for Excellent Edge Retention
Cord-Wrapped Handle Enhances Grip in Wet or Dry Conditions, and Offers Options for Unexpected Situations Out in the Field