Safariland Foam Impulse Hearing Protection 38dB

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Safariland’s new Foam Impulse Hearing Protection blocks damaging noise while allowing conversation and other ambient sounds in without the need for expensive electronics. Foam Impulse ear buds are washable and won’t interfere with eye protection, shouldering long guns, or physical activity. Foam Impulse earbuds are ideal for all-day wear alone or under a traditional headset. Features: • Instantly reduces dangerous sound levels while allowing speech and audio to be heard • Impulse Mode = 38db Peak Impulse Reduction + 13db Continuous Reduction • Full-Block Mode = 20db Continuous Reduction • Universal-fit, memory foam tips • Removable neck cord • No batteries required • Ideal for the shooting range, hunting, tactical training or operational missions IMPORTANT NOTE: The main differences between the Foam Impulse and the Pro Impulse are the ear tips and storage. The Foam Impulse includes Universal-fit, memory foam tips and a removeable neck cord, whereas the Pro Impulse includes two sizes of medical-grade TPE rubber tips and a carrying case.