Havis 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicle Specific 18" Console

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Product Details: 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicle Specific 18" Console Vehicle specific console for 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility Provides internal mounting for 18" of equipment - 8" mounting bracket space in front and 10" mounting space in rear Designed to accept keyboard mount options and most standard accessories Extra low profile / ideal for remote style control heads Recommended for the Havis Integrated Control System C-MD-202 tilt swivel with C-KBM-100 Series on top of console recommended for keyboard mounting Includes hole pattern on top for C-MD-200 Series Will accept C-SM-SA-1 and C-SM-SA-1-HD Includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options Specifications: Mounting kit included Provides console-top mounting holes for C-MD-202, C-MD-204, CMD-206 and C-MD-207 motion devices Overall measurements = 7.25" high x 9" wide x 30.25" long (including forward trim panel) Gross Weight: 15.00 lbs